Eagle Eye Report

Eagle Eye Report

What are eagle eye reports?

Eagle eye reports let you create a list view of all points of interest on your field.

Eagle eye reports can be used to:

  • Point out and mark points of interest on your map such as trees, rocks, irrigation systems etc. with their exact georeferenced location (longitude, latitude)
  • Calculate the exact distance between specific points on your map, such as roads, plant and row distance, distance between fields etc.
  • Determine the size of areas on your field, such as ponds, problematic areas, arable areas and many more.

When is the best time to use eagle eye reports?

Eagle eye reports offer you the possibility to visually depict points and areas on your field throughout the year.

What are the benefits of eagle eye reports?

Eagle eye reports help you to:

  • Obtain a detailed map of all points of interest
  • Have the exact georeferenced location and size of all points of interest
  • Determine the size of arable land
  • Create a visual plan for your entire field.

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Disclaimer: People and plants are living beings – and living beings act differently from machines and algorithms. This is why Agremo does not claim to offer a complete or entirely error-free analysis of the provided data and cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, damages or losses of any kind. Agremo makes significant efforts to keep the underlying workflow as proficient and precise as possible, but there are numerous limiting factors which cannot be foreseen, excluded or modified. Such limiting factors can affect the results of the analyses and include low image quality, complex natural phenomenons, diseases which cannot be captured with today’s technology etc.