Waterlogging analysis

Waterlogging analysis

Recognizing the potential waterlogged areas in the field is the toughest job without accurate and on-time insights about exact crop status. The drone-based Waterlogging analysis helps to identify all of these areas in two days and reduce the impacts of waterlogging, regardlessof the field size and crop sort.

The recent updates to our Water stress technology can give you even more detailed information about the performance ofyour crops to:

  • quickly stop plant withering
  • reduce profit losses from waterlogging

How Waterlogging analysis works

By giving precise information about areas with possible and excessive soil moistening, the Waterlogging analysis alsohelps farmers to:

  • know the differences in the tolerance of the crops to the flooding conditions
  • identify all critical zones where diseases can occur
  • know the period of vegetation in which the flood was present
  • know how waterlogging will affect the yield and profit
  • spot irrigation problems before they affect the plant's performance
  • adjust the irrigation system based on the actual needs of the plants and crops

How Waterlogging analysis will improve my yield

Waterlogging analysis shows three kinds of field zones (highly waterlogged, medium, and no waterlogged areas) to help afarmer precisely know crop response to rain or irrigation. Afterward, this information will help him to optimize all the additional measures (melioration, terrain drainage, stop treatments for already dead plants, define new treatments for thesurvived plants) to get the best possible yield.

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After our team of Ag experts receives your request, within two business days, they will provide actionable insights on theAgremo platform and in a PDF report like the one above. Also, we will give you end-to-end support to read all your results and integrate aerial data and analytics into your ag business.

Join the world of precision Ag​ and you’ll get a decision support tool to improve productivity and environmental outputs. We want to help Ag businesses become sustainable. Let’s grow together in precision Ag.

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Disclaimer: People and plants are living beings – and living beings act differently from machines and algorithms. This is why Agremo does not claim to offer a complete or entirely error-free analysis of the provided data and cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, damages or losses of any kind. Agremo makes significant efforts to keep the underlying workflow as proficient and precise as possible, but there are numerous limiting factors which cannot be foreseen, excluded or modified. Such limiting factors can affect the results of the analyses and include low image quality, complex natural phenomenons, diseases which cannot be captured with today’s technology etc.