Weed Analysis

Weed Analysis

What are drone-based weed analyses?

Agremo weed analyses identify the percentage and the exact location of weed-infested areas on your field. And to turn your field’s data into relevant and actionable information, weed analyses are always conducted in close collaboration with professional agronomists.

To get conclusive results, it’s important to upload high-resolution images. Having high-quality images allows us to provide you with results that go beyond the mere analyses of differences in color. Additionally, Agremo Weed Analyses provide you with the exact georeferenced positions of the identified weeds.

If you’re not sure how to obtain crisp images, take a look at these tips from a professional drone operator or read how this successful drone business does it.

Weed analyses can be used to:

  • Spot weed-infested areas in time and before they affect your current yield goal
  • Optimize weed control measures by applying the right amount of herbicide on the right spots
  • Identify the precise location of weed-infested areas for more effective treatments.

When is the best time to use drone-based weed analyses?

Weed analyses can be performed throughout the season as part of the regular crop monitoring cycle.

What are the benefits of drone-based weed analyses?

There are several benefits that drone-based weed analyses have compared to traditional measures.

Drone-based weed analyses are:

  • Fast and save time and resources
  • Able to cover around 500 acres in less than two hours
  • Accurate – with error rates lower than 2%. And with drones, you are able to analyze every inch of your field
  • Proactive and allow effective in-season corrective measures.


The following weed analysis revealed that more than 10% of the field showed signs of weed stress. The result map on the second page shows the exact stress locations. 

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Disclaimer: People and plants are living beings – and living beings act differently from machines and algorithms. This is why Agremo does not claim to offer a complete or entirely error-free analysis of the provided data and cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, damages or losses of any kind. Agremo makes significant efforts to keep the underlying workflow as proficient and precise as possible, but there are numerous limiting factors which cannot be foreseen, excluded or modified. Such limiting factors can affect the results of the analyses and include low image quality, complex natural phenomenons, diseases which cannot be captured with today’s technology etc.